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Third Party (Security) Risk Management as a Service

Third Party (Security) Risk Management is our area of expertise, ensuring compliance and evaluating your security with your third parties, partners, or as we call it, vendors.


    Nowadays doing an assessment once every 1 tot 3 years is not enough. Organisations change on a daily basis and this requires a solution that is able to assess risk continuously. That is why solutions such as RiskRecon are needed to continuously be able to monitor threats and risks coming from your third parties.



    With all the information that is available and in combination with continuous monitoring & questionnaires. Our experienced auditors are able to make fully analysed assessments on vendor risk, providing a clear view on the risks and threats of your vendors.


    Sending questionnaires is a good way to get information on your vendors. However receiving the information and answers is not enough. To be able to make a full assessment of the vendor you will need to analyse this information and use this as a starting point of your TPRM assessment.


    Many organisations struggle with managing third party risk due to lack of resources, tooling and knowledge. We provide a service fully managed and by using smart enterprise technology are able to be fully scalable and automated.

Third Party Risk, why?

Your organisation relies on third parties to fulfill essential services and support your enterprise. Inevitably this also introduces several risks to your organisation and information security.

60% of all data breaches find their origins in third parties according to the renowned Ponemon institute. We will help you get aware of your third party risks and control that risk.

Proven process

SecuVal only works with proven Enterprise software solutions. This is the base of our service, we offer this as a standalone solution or a fully managed service solution.

When we do an intake, we first determine different levels of vendors because vendors with access to sensitive information or systems have very different risks and a higher inherent risk.

After the initial setup is complete, you can use a simple workflow to sign on vendors within the system and we will start the assessment process. This process can be as simple or thorough as is required. We can use a simple questionnaire or expand on this with interviews, continuous scanning on external IT assets, vendor audits and even vendor pentests.