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Risk Recon (as a service)

Solve your third-party cybersecurity risk at the speed of business.

Get the intimate risk performance assessments you need to efficiently manage your third-party risk. RiskRecon’s deep transparency and risk contextualised insights enable you to understand the risk performance of each vendor. RiskRecon’s workflow enables you to easily engage your vendors to realise good risk outcomes.

SecuVal partners with Risk Recon to deliver our vendor management service. Should there be no need for additional services we are happy to demo the solution to you.

Asset risk value classification


Know the value of every asset to determine asset value based on analysis of system code, content, and configurations to identify indicators of asset value.

Issue Risk Prioritisation


Prioritise every finding based on issue severity and asset value, enabling you to quickly separate the issues that matter from the ones that don’t.

Custom Risk Policy Configuration

Risk prioritisation capability can be tuned to match your risk policy, configuring RiskRecon to alert you to new issues that violate your risk appetite.

Risk Action


Automatically create risk-prioritised action plans that contain only the issues that matter. Giving your team instant visibility to the vendor security issues that violate your risk policy.