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Our Services

Our service model

SecuVal provides a broad range of services from stand alone tools to fully managed solutions. We support our partners and customers so that they may do what they do best, and not worry about implementing or managing their cyber security solutions. 

Solution Hosting and Maintenance

Members of our team based in Europe can take care of your platform, as well as the support and maintenance.

Configuration and Management

SecuVal handles the configuration, implementation and management of the different solutions. We can work together with your team to take security to the next level.


Our solution operations services ensure the continuity of operational processes without interrupting your business’s operational efficiency


Our service model uses these three pillars in order to provide structure to the various services we offer to our partners and customers. These can be scaled and made fully flexible so that they may support you exactly where its needed. And should you decide to scale up or scale down, we have got you covered. 

The way we provide the services means that the financial model also fits your strategy. SecuVal can provide various flexible payment scheme's for all our solutions and services.