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The Forrester New WaveTM: Microsegmentation, Q1 2022 - ColorTokens

Very exciting to see our partners recognized on “The Forrester New Wave: Micro segmentation, Q1 2022”. Ransomware and other advanced attacks are causing greater damage than ever before, and many of these attacks are the result of lateral movement inside the network after hackers have penetrated firewall defences. ColorTokens’ SaaS-based, cloud-delivered approach ensures fast and easy deployment, single dashboard visualization of traffic flows and assets, leading to progressive segmentation and lockdown of threats and potential breaches. Get your copy of the report to know more. 


The Forrester New Wave™: Micro segmentation, Q1 2022 includes Forrester’s complete analysis of the Micro segmentation market such as:

 Which Micro segmentation vendors have the strongest strategy and current offering?

  • Which features buyers should prioritize to achieve Micro segmentation mission completion? 
  • Analyzing Micro segmentation and its relevance to your company 
  • Why ColorTokens was named one of the Wave’s “Strong Performers” 


This valuable report which normally requires a subscription to view, is available to you free of cost. You can download your complimentary copy here